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Parenchymal Rearrangement

Parenchymal Rearrangement: Overview

“Breast conservation therapy” is the combination of lumpectomy and radiation therapy. As discussed above, lumpectomy can create a scoop or hollow in the breast where tissue was removed. This hollow area can create a poor aesthetic outcome and can me repaired with Parenchymal Rearrangement.

Patient with left breast cancer and large breasts (left) who had lumpectomy followed by left parenchymal rearrangement and right reduction for symmetry. (center) and then left breast radiation. Right hand photo is 15 months after surgery and 12 months after left sided radiation.

When Is Parenchymal RearrangementPerformed?

Plastic surgeons can reduce the risk of a poor aesthetic outcome by rearranging breast tissue after lumpectomy. This rearrangement can fill in the scoop or hollow left by lumpectomy. This procedure is known as (breast) parenchymal rearrangement. The parenchymal rearrangement is typically performed 5-10 days after the lumpectomy. This delay allows pathologists to determine that the entire tumor has been removed before reconstruction is undertaken. The rearrangement may include a breast lift or a breast reduction to best optimize the size and shape of the breast.

Am I A Candidate?

For women having “breast conservation therapy”, radiation typically starts within six weeks of lumpectomy. Breast parenchymal rearrangement performed at 5-10 days after lumpectomy does not delay the optimal time to radiation therapy.


Many women will undergo a breast lift or reduction to their healthy breast to preserve symmetry after parenchymal rearrangement is undertaken. This procedure on the healthy breast may be performed at the same time as the parenchymal rearrangement or after radiation is complete, depending on the specific medical and social issues in each person’s case.

Patient with right breast cancer who had lumpectomy and parenchymal rearrangement, followed by radiation therapy. She subsequently had a left sided reduction for symmetry.

Image by Greg Rosenke
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