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Revision Breast Reconstruction

Revision Breast Reconstruction: Overview

Patients commonly seek out Northwest Breast Reconstruction’s surgeons for “second opinions” and discussion of revision surgery including Revision Breast Reconstruction for procedures performed by other providers.

Before & After

Revision breast reconstruction in a patient with prior right and left implant-based reconstruction and right sided radiation. Procedures included Stage I right implant removal, tissue expander placement, and pedicled latissimus muscle/skin flap, Stage II right implant exchange for permanent implant and left implant up-sizing, and Stage III re-tattooing of nipple/areola complex.

Candidates For Revision Breast Reconstruction

Revision surgery can be required for different reasons. 


These can include:

  • Poor aesthetic outcome from the original reconstruction

  • Radiation-associated changes to a prior reconstruction

  • Progressive changes in the reconstructed breast over time

  • Breast implant “animation deformity”

  • Recurrent cancer

  • Weight gain or loss, with resultant asymmetry

  • Patient dis-satisfaction for any reason

The Revision Breast Reconstruction Procedure

The approach to revision surgery is tailored to the individual patient and their needs & concerns.  Our surgeons have extensive experience in all aspects of revision breast reconstruction, including breast implant exchange, switch of implant location (sub-pectoral to pre-pectoral conversion), conversion of implant-based to tissue-based reconstruction, fat grafting for contour irregularities, and others.

Before & After

Patient who had a Revision of previously radiated implant based left breast reconstruction. Procedures included Stage I left implant removal and DIEP flap, Stage II left breast fat grafting and right breast lift, and Stage III nipple creation with subsequent areola tattoo.

Image by Greg Rosenke
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