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Immediate vs. Delayed

Breast Reconstruction: Immediate vs. Delayed

Breast reconstruction can occur at different timepoints (Immediate vs. Delayed) in a woman’s breast cancer pathway.  These include:

  • Immediate breast reconstruction occurs on the same day as mastectomy.

  • Immediate-delayed breast reconstruction occurs ~7 days after mastectomy once pathology returns.

  • Delayed breast reconstruction occurs after a woman’s chest has previously been closed flat, and can occur months, years, or decades after mastectomy.

What If I've been recently Diagnosed?

For women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, the decision for immediate, immediate-delayed, or delayed breast reconstruction will be made by you and your surgical team, based on individual features of your cancer.

What If I've Undergone Breast Cancer Treatment Previously?

For women who have previously underwent breast cancer treatment, delayed reconstruction is always a potential option!  And, due to the Women’s Health Rights and Cancer Act, delayed reconstruction is still expected to be covered by insurance. Click the links below for more information when deciding on Immediate vs. Delayed.

Image by Greg Rosenke
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