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One vs. Two Sided

Breast Reconstruction: One Side vs. Two Sided Mastectomy

For most women, cancer is diagnosed on one side only. With a new cancer diagnosis, many women consider their risk of developing cancer on the opposite side, and some choose to consider a “risk-reducing mastectomy”. Read further to learn about One Side vs. Two Sided Mastectomy.

Before & After

Risk-Reducing Mastectomy

A “risk-reducing mastectomy” is a mastectomy which occurs in a healthy breast, in order to reduce the risk that cancer will develop later. For patients with breast cancer, a risk-reducing mastectomy can be considered for the opposite side healthy breast. For women with a known genetic mutation (such as BRCA), a right and left mastectomy can be considered for risk reduction.

When To Consider Risk-Reducing Mastectomy

The decision to have a risk-reducing mastectomy is best made after careful consideration and discussion with your breast surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons can reconstruct one breast, with the option for a symmetry procedure on a healthy breast. We can also reconstruct both breasts simultaneously if right and left mastectomies are performed. At your consultation, we can help you to understand how your long-term aesthetics would be impacted by a choice between One Side vs. Two Sided Mastectomy.

Before & After

One sided reconstruction: Right mastectomy reconstructed with DIEP and left sided reduction for symmetry

Image by Greg Rosenke
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