Pink Ribbon (Virtual) Run 2021: Dr. Pannucci

Ensuring venous outflow in microsurgery: Dr. Pannucci discusses

Details matter in microsurgery!

Sub-millimeter details can make the difference between success and failure in microsurgery. In the operating room, I take multiple steps to ensure that the vein repair is lined up correctly, to avoid twists or kinks.

Breast Reconstruction Overview with Dr. Pannucci

Breast Reduction: An Overview by Dr. Pannucci

15 Questions with Dr Pannucci

Why Are Tissue Expanders Necessary?

What is a DIEP flap? Dr. Pannucci discusses

Plastic Surgery & Blood Clots

KHQ Morning Show Interview: Dr. Pannucci discusses blood clots in surgical patients

Theory Behind Radiation & Reconstruction

Parenchymal Rearrangement Before Radiation

Fat grafting After Radiation

Latissimus Reconstruction after Radiation

DIEP Flap Reconstruction after Radiation

Barbers and Surgeons

DIEP Monitoring—Dr. Fletcher discusses

Breast Implants and Mammograms—Dr. Pannucci discusses

Bullets and Breast Implants—Dr. Pannucci discusses

Landmark patient safety study published 10 years ago: Dr. Pannucci discusses

What does Board Certified mean? Dr. Wheeler discusses.

Upper Pole Fullness in Breast Reconstruction & Aesthetics

Why Use Drain Tubes?

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