Revision or “Touch-up” Surgery: Overview

The breast is rebuilt in stages, with stage I being creation of the breast mound. This can occur using breast implants or your body’s own tissue. Once the breast mound has been created, revisions or “touch-up surgery” to the breast size or shape can occur.

a) Preoperative
b) After bilateral mastectomy and bilateral DIEP reconstruction
c) After Stage I revision with right and left fat grafting and abdominal scar revision
d) After Stage II revision with fat grafting to right and left

e) Final result after Stage III revision with abdominal and flank liposuction

Types of Breast Revision

Revision may involve repositioning of the central breast mount, removal of areas of skin excess, and/or fat grafting or liposuction to improve contour. Revision surgery may be performed on the reconstructed breast, or on donor sites where the tissue was removed. Revisions can be performed soon after the central breast mound reconstruction or can occur years later.

Am I A Candidate For “Touch-up” Surgery?

Typically, revisions to the breast size and shape are made prior to nipple/areola reconstruction —this ensures that the reconstructed nipple/areola are placed in the correct location. However, long-term changes to the reconstructed breasts can occur due to scarring, gravity, and time. Thus, revision surgery or touch-up surgery may be required years or decades after the initial reconstruction.

Revision of abdominal donor site after DIEP breast reconstruction. a) Pre-operative photo
b) After Stage I bilateral mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction.
c) Final result after direct excision & liposuction of flank tissue.

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